Girls, height vs muscle?

  • Tall guy who looks less muscular
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  • Short guy who looks muscular
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  • Or a short guy who is less muscular. That's cool too. I mean yeah, I'd like a fit guy.. but if you legitimately have a six pack? That's too much for me. Just.. fit. Decent arms and quads, relatively flat/toned stomach, (maybe with a bit of pudge, that can be nice) maybe a little pec action and a decent butt. But those guys who's pecs are so big they're probably a B cup? And who are so muscular you can see each and every one of oblique? No. Don't get me wrong, that v line thing is nice, but if it's too cut it's just strange to me. Nice.. gentle v line. I've never undertood being into really muscular guys. I mean they're interesting to look at, I want to photograph them or draw them, but I wouldn't want to have sex with or date them.


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  • I prefer guys who are at least 5’10 and average build so not too muscular


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