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Long story short, I'm trying to not lose the woman I love, and she recently returned home from her mission. From what I can see, she's currently active on social media and I wanted to send a message to her. I'm not sure she'd read it or be able to see it. But...

I promise this is the last time I will bother you, but I'm sorry I asked you to not contact me. I miss you so much, and I've missed you everyday since you left. I hoped you'd change your mind and let us be together, I feel I've made so many mistakes, and I don't want to lose you again. You mean the absolute world to me, and I don't want to stop being your home or loving you.

I know your mission changed things, and in ways I'll never know. But you have changed my life so much, and you've brought so much to other and I don't want that to be gone forever. You are my world and I don't want to go the rest of my life without you.

I'm sorry for letting us drift away during your mission, I was just upset and I thought leaving you alone for your mission was best. What we had before you left was wonderful and special, and I just can't stand to lose that. Please reconsider, because I still lover you more than anything.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Girls like letters so don't worry too much about it. Send her.

    • Would this help at all?

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    • If you sent it to her and she didn't reply then yeah she has moved on.

    • I mean, I did send it to her while she was still on her mission. And I have no clue if she is home yet. But I texted her old cell phone, and I knew her brother had it, and he actually responded a few days later saying it wasn't her phone anymore, but said she had received my letter. But she's never not responded to me and her family has never responded to me or reached out before.

What Guys Said 2

  • Para 3: other should be others
    Para 4: lover should be love
    Just typos. If anything I would consider toning it down a bit overall, but it is a nice letter, just might be a bit much if she is uncertain.

  • Now I dont jnow about the back story about this but usually when it starts off with "sorry I asked you not to conact me again" that's usually not good and probably won't work overall if you once told her not to contact you again she prob lost interest. Otherwise the letter feels too cliche almost like something that you would hear in a cheesy romance movie also there were a few typos

    • I don't know how you are, or how you are feeling since your mission, but I'm sorry for my behavior while you were on your mission. I shouldn't have been mad at how things ended, and I should have been more considerate of what you were going through, and being more supportive. I shouldn't have been fighting for our relationship while you were on your mission or have been in contact with your family.

      I hope you can understand that I just didn't want to lose the most important thing to have ever been in my life. I hope you can understand and forgive me. I was just scared of losing you again. I truly hope you would reconsider our relationship when you return. I know I never was the best thing for you, but I tried my hardest for you and I wouldn't stop trying. I know the religious difference will always be the deciding factor for you, and I'm sorry to ever make you choose or be in conflict about it. I hope deep down you haven't moved on, and you will reconsider me.

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    • Sorry. I sent her that longer letter months ago. Before her mission ended

    • Oh ok no big deal

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