Women how hard do you take rejection?

I had a lady friend ask me out (i know that's going against societal norms right there). And i turned her down. For a few months after she would bring it up in conversations with friends "I asked XXXX out and he said noooooo". Which i didn't do in the manner she said. My question is did she do this hoping i would change my mind? Did she feel genuinely hurt? Or was her pride just wounded? I liked this girl and the last i'd want to do is hurt her.
I know the relationship rules are different for men and women. As i've said before for a woman there's always going to be a guy who's interested in her. The same can't be said for a guy. So knowing that. i would think a woman would just be more inclined to say "next" if a guy rejects them.


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  • It used to bother me a lot but over the years it doesn't really matter to me at all. I guess I realized there was no sense in dwelling and it was just easier to move on and focus on other things. :)


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  • Handsome guys have enough women dwelling over them too. Even guys if they are bisexual. I’m a trans woman and I have more guys and girls hitting on me than my genetic female friends.


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