Has it ever happened that you are dating someone not worthy of your standards?

Well, I hate to admit it but I'm seeing a colleague of mine at work but fortunately she works in another department. She is 8 years older than me and that too... below average looking. I don't expect to date the "Jennifer Lopez" or "Priya Rai" types but at least I wanted to have a perfect life... nice job, feeling good in my working environment where my future would be secured and a perfect love life.

I wanted to date any attractive black girl or woman but instead I got someone from the same religion as mine. On top of that she is divorced. In any case, the society in which I'm living will always frown upon such relationships. Nevertheless, I consider her as a friend. She is aware that I like black girls or women and I don't care about her jealousy. Also, I have other ambitions on which I'm focusing and hence I'm not thinking about marriage.

It really sucks that you happen to date someone not within your expectations.


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  • Sounds like you beed to break up with her gently and try to maintain a friendship but if you can't at least you don't work in the same department..

  • All the time...


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