Is he being fresh?

Hey again everyone.

This is a follow up to a previous post. I joined a workout group, and started spending a good amount of time talking with the leader of the group, its been 3 weeks. We went to a trampoline park and had so much fun (it was just him and I). Today he let me know that he thinks I am attractivd, feels some chemistry, and wants to try something casual because he will be moving possibly. This is perfect for me, because I dont want anything serious right now. So he suggested I come to his house and he will cook for me. I only know this guy 3 weeks, I dont think its the best idea. Is he being fresh and expecting a hookup?
Thank you people!!!


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  • Considering he said that he "didn't want anything serious" that's exactly what a hookup is. Unless he just wants to be friends which I doubt if he's willing to basically have a date with you.

  • Yes. He invited you to his house which means he's ready to hit it and quit it.


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