I am in an impossible situation. What do I do?

It seems like me and this girl are perfect for one another. Or certainly I think so. Let’s call her Mary.

I met Mary two years ago, when she was in first year and I was in second, of high school. I didn’t know her until my best friend Sophie (another made up name) introduced us. We had a good, jolly relationship and would just laugh and stuff. Nothing serious. 6 months ago, we got to r ally know each other, not just as Sophie’s best friends. In the weeks and months that followed, I found I was falling for her, rn charm, her smile, her wit. Now I stand in a difficult situation.

Mary and I seem to almost have a relationship. We treat each other differently, we get irked by each other but will never refus to be in one another’s presence. I love her, but I don’t know if she sees out relationship as a romantic one. I can’t ask her, because that will ruin the spark we have if she says no. Our ‘relationship’ is a rare thing for me, because it brings pure joy to my otherwise difficult and boring life.

I can’t ask, because if I’m wrong I lose her forever. But I want to , I want to be something official.

Thanks for listening to my story.


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  • Sounds like just a friendship, and you'll have to say something if you want to be her boyfriend.


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