I'm going to see this guy again after two years, and I'm worried it's going to be really awkward?

The night we met, we were kind of being set up, which made it a little awkward in the first place. I'd also been sexually harassed, by a different guy at the party we were at, which made me incredibly anxious, on top of being nervous to talk to this guy.

When we started talking, he could tell I was anxious, and asked if I wanted to just sit and talk for a while. Which we did; a 'friend' of mine then came along, and decided to sit with us for the rest of the time we were talking (three hours), in which she took over most of the conversation. She would later complain to me that she thought he wanted to hook-up with her, and that he was looking at me the entire time, instead of her. If anything were to have happened between the guy and I (which I strongly think it would have), once my anxiety went down, it couldn't have because she was there. When he left, he ended up being locked out of the room he was staying in, and had to sleep on the couch.

Overall, while we got to know each other - and had fun with it- the guy was a little upset that we didn't end up making out, which he took as me not being interested. This was partially my fault; my anxiety twas stopping me from doing anything, even though I wanted to make-out with him. He left the next day, and we haven't seen each other since.

He's coming up next weekend, and I've already been told by one of out mutual friends that I can 'get with him'; I don't know what he's expecting to do, and it makes me nervous. I'm just worried that he's going to think that what happened was weird enough that he won't want anything to do with me, or that it's just going to go badly. Thoughts on how to approach him when I see him?


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