Why would a guy get so mad at a girl for sleeping with his friend even when they had sex to?

Does this mean he liked the girl alot? I mean if he didn't why would he get mad?


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What Guys Said 1

  • 'Cause that's a shitty thing for anyone to do, whether they liked someone, or not.

    If a girl slept with me, and then went and fucked my friend; I'd be pissed too. That's right up there with a guy having sex with a girl, and then nailing her sister. You just don't do that.


What Girls Said 1

  • He wanted you to be exclusive! It should be an unwritten rule that sex is with one person at a time. Otherwise a lack of communication leads to shit happening!

    • What do you mean by exclusive? This was seriously not intentional I slept with his friend first we all hang out in a group and this was before I started noticing him. He has also said to me months ago that he has had a crush on me for the longest in front of his friend and i literally thought he was joking and brushed it off. Having sex with his friend meant nothing to me but he seemed to be making a big deal. He yelled at me and said "You gave my dawg some!!" I felt bad and left. So he must have really liked me right? Like alot? I didn't know

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