How to deal with feelings of loneliness and unreaonable remorse after you break up with someone💔💔?

A few days ago I broke up with this guy I've been seeing for two months.

It was a firm decision I had to take. There was a growing gap in our relationship because we couldn't see each other regularly (I don't mean everyday). We live and work like 2 hours from each other, and he is too closed when it comes to communicating between dates.

I was feeling so lonely at times, even if I were in a relationship. He texted me regularly, and I did, but his texts were automatic good mornings and good nights, and he rarely asked about my day or the things I did.

Last time he didn't text me for two days after we met. Our last date was romantic, but I was feeling cold to him and couldn't communicate freely with him. And the fact that he didn't bother to text me for 2 days , even when we talked about our distance issue, was the thing that irritated me the most.

Clearly, he didn't even try to make our communication better. He never called me to talk after work, even if he knows we wouldn't see each other for at least a week.

When I broke up with him over text he even didn't try to discuss things. I just said things were not working (and this us true), and he just agreed and thanked me for being with him.

I do not resent my decision, for it was clear romance is not enough. We would kiss and hug in dates, but between the dates we literally
How to deal with feelings of loneliness and unreaonable remorse after you break up with someone💔💔?

we didn't have any idea about each other. I tried but he was not responsive.

I do not resent the break up, but it started hurting later.

I just needed to tell someone.


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  • I lost myself in the beauty of mother nature. I went in the mountains and I watch and listened, cried, yelled, screamed, and prayed. And after a week of healing. I came home.

    • That's a great strategy.

  • If you would like a friend. I'll be your friend.

    • Oh thanks! I'll add you

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