What's the best way to tell a guy you like them? I know y'all like to chase but I need to help him from being shy?


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  • say it (in person) with a cute smile :) he can still chase you, just cuz u like him doesn't mean you can't like someone else, so itll be his move next


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  • tell him or write a letter...

    and not all of us like to chase, some of us have been rejected and messed about far too much to risk getting hurt again so
    and tbh there are some out there who like to exasperate the issue too which makes it even more an issue

    as I found out recently

    • Exasperate the issue? And he does seem shy but I'm so afraid he'll reject me

    • make matters worse...

      then a letter is probably the best way, that way it softens the blow if he isn't interested...
      but if he is showing signs of any interest like awkwardness or shyness around you chances are he doesn't know you like him that way and is in the same position as you, worried incase you reject him

      the thing is i see some options

      1) you tell him and he accepts or he doesn't

      2) you dont tell him and both of you will continue to wish the other would make the first move,
      plus this option means that what you dont do will have a knock on effect and mean you would always wonder "what if?" and that can be far worse than knowing teh answers

  • “I like you”


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