Why do men try to diss good girls only for it to backfire?

My ex was guillable and naive. His family and friends were too.

His ex girlfriend was good arm candy for him. Typical blonde hair, pounds of makeup and heavy tan. His dad would tell him, just pick the blonde girl. She's more marriage material.

She'd like and pretend to be really religious when she's a naive party girl and hoe.

Some of hia friends soon realized this and so did his dad.

IDC. Cause he still fucks with her and believes I'll still date him. Haha.

He teased me for being a virgin and wanting to be a doctor. Fuck them both. Happily ever after. Lying bitch was exposed and so was he.


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  • Everyone is just doing their best. Try to let go of the hate that's really only hurting you.


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