How do I kindly tell a girl that I'd rather just be friends?

I met her via Bumble, and she seems like a really nice person. However, I recently realized that she isn't really my type of a girl (I may have been a bit buzzed with wine before swiping 😳). I enjoy chatting with her about intellectual subjects and would like to become better acquainted with her, but I'm not attracted to her🤷‍♂️ She's excited to meet and hang out, but I'm not interested in dating her. How would I firmly let her down without hurting her feelings and continue to be friends?


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  • Tell her you don't think you are in the right spot for a relationship right now but you enjoy her company and believe you can learn a lot from her. Then ask her to do something guys do with other guys like a video game arcade or a church event or a night out with your other male and female friends


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