Is being a nice guy aka a gentleman old fashioned, to be successful in dating you need to be more of a pick up artist?

Hahaha, my turn at this toxic topic.

I did some thinking and a bit of researching after my earlier question where @BuchitaBuchys told me to look at why I am attracting so many low quality women.

I also compared myself with my more successful family and friends. This what I have come up with.

Being a nice guy aka a gentleman is an old fashioned concept. It works in the old days but not so much in the modern dating world. As many others have said being nice alone isn't good enough. Hence very few genuine gentlemen are left and getting fewer as time goes by as it is a failed dating strategy.

The older generation would like these types of people as it was the way dating was during their time. I was bought up this way and it is apparently my nature as well.

This temperament is good at attracting ladies who want settle down. However, there are precious few women who want to do so now. The modern women wants to explore their sexuality first before settling down.

Which does not help when meeting the genuine gentleman down the line. As the gentleman who is old fashioned expects a old fashioned lady, and will judge her for marriage using the old standards. Hence, most likely would reject being number ###.

The '' Nice guys finish last'' saying is correct to some extent as women would seek them only when they want to settle down after they finished exploring. It does not take into account ladies who want to settle down, who want a family or the gentlemen who refuse to accept these women.

In conclusion, gentlemen need to adapt to the changing dating world if they want to be a women's first and not be seen as a pushover, retirement plan or a back up. Hence we need to adopt more P. U. A traits. Unlearned what we have been taught and try to change our natures to succeed in the modern world.


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  • "there are precious few women who want to do so now" I can't accept this shit, I go on tinder all the time and at least 3/4 of the women I come across are after a serious relationship.

    Don't blame being 'nice' for not getting you women. Blame the fact that they're just plain not attracted to you. It's that simple. You can be a gentlemen and a girl who's attracted to you will love you for it. What you can't do is try to win a girl over who already isn't attracted to you by simply being a gentlemen.

    You should never be changing your true self just to get women, you should change yourself only if YOU actually want to change yourself.

    • You clearly did not read question properly. Please reread it and do not jump the gun.

      Not saying women are not after serious relationships, lot of them are, only after exploring their sexuality, when they want to settle down after having their fill. Few ladies choose marriage first.

      I have clearly stated that being nice is a failed old fashion dating strategy. Being nice or gentlemenly which clearly you are not from your swearing. You need to adopt pua methods of attracting them.

      Not talking about daily interactions with other people but with ladies you want to attract. Talking gentlemenly will most likely not work. You need modern strategies not ancient ones.

      By the way if they are not attracted to me then why seek me out when they want to settle down?

      That is what I am saying, I want to change the way I talk to those I want to attract.

    • Let me simplify things for you if you have trouble reading this.

      If an hour of polite conversation gets you a good bye and no return calls/ or being ignored.

      And another guy says a few lewd comments and slaps her on the ass and takes her home.

      Wouldn't you want to change your approach to women?

    • You have a good evening, pal.

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