I want to say "I love you" but I'm worried he won't say it back?

I've been seeing this guy for a little over 6 months now. I've felt the urge to say "I love you" for probably the last 3 months, but I've held back because I'm worried he won't reciprocate. I've always had the feeling that I like him more than he likes me so I'm worried that if I say that it'll just confirm that fear. My game plan this far has been to just wait it out and hope he says it first so I can confidently say it back, but maybe I'll be waiting forever.

When do couples usually say "I love you" for the first time? Am I over thinking it that he should have said this by now? Or am I crazy for waiting? I DONT KNOW HALP PLEASE


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  • There is no common time for couples if you ask me. You can't decide when someone feels ready to express something like this and actually mean it. If you're sure of your feelings and know he will respect it, just tell him. I mean I told my boyfriend first. Surely he said "Oh Really? You mean It? Thank You" lol but it didn't matter. Because I was the one feeling it and I had to let him now.


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