I asked a guy to hang out?

A couple of days ago I texting a guy asking him if he wanted to hang out on Sunday (which is tomorrow) and he responding back saying "Yeah for sure I'll let you know if I'm free". Tomorrow is the day I told him that I was free and he hasn't gotten back to me. Is he not interested?


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  • probably not interested unless, he literally did have something come up to where he couldn't hang out with you. Though if he was interested, I'd think he'd text you back. Maybe he will, but sometimes that happens.

    • Thank you. I was just kind if confused on why he would say "for sure" then not follow through😂

    • well don't fret on it. It happens, guys and girls can flake out. If he doesn't text you back in the next day or two saying how he was busy and didn't mean to not show up. But the key would be, if he's truly interested is him saying to hang out or bringing up something for you to hang out. If he leaves that out and just says he didn't mean to not show up, and nothing else. Then that's more likely him trying to be polite and also keeping your attention incase the other girl he's talking to, perhaps more interested in. Incase she flakes out on him and then him contacting you. If he doesn't text you back the next day or two, then he wasn't really that interested or he was, but lost interest. Don't take it personally, it happens to just about everyone at times.

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