I’m confused and unsure about my new girlfriend?

All my life I always been the guy who gets rejected by every girl he talks to. I been on a “looking for a girlfriend and relationship” spree and usually fail. I had major crushes before that basically took a toll on my emotions and my mental state. Then I decided on being single and just have sex or have a friends with benefits. It’s like I accepted being single forever and work around things to satisfy my needs and feels. I’m kinda numb towards love and feel weird when someone has interest in me. Then once I accepted my fate, my friend confessed to me that “she liked me for a long time”.

A part of me was shocked and the other half was turned off. Like she’s really attractive, smart, and wealthy, but some reason I can’t imagine seeing myself with her. I tried once then ended it the day I tried because my gut is telling me not to do it. I told her we can be friends with benefits then let it build but she got mad at me for like a whole day, then I tried again with a clearer mind. That’s how we started dating, but my gut still telling me different.

As I talk to her, it’s like she acts like she’s single. But she claims that she feels like she still single, but she’s not acting like she is. I asked her when we meet up, what will we do? Her response was “I don’t really know. Maybe sex? 😏”. Something about that turned me on and off. Then she already started to buy me stuff on the first day of dating and asking if she could stay the night, so we can fuck. The next day, she’s asking me when she’s going to meet my friends. I’m like you’re moving way too fast and she told me that she doesn’t want to do all of the waiting stuff. All of this makes me feel so confused and unsure about everything about her.


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  • You're under 18 and you're telling me you've been waiting all your life?
    I hope that age is incorrect and you're at least 30 for that to be true.

    But anyway, if you can't see yourself with her, and you keep getting turned off, you don't wanna lead the girl on. Just tell her honestly that you don't see this working. I understand you wanna have a relationship but I also think you want it to be two sided as well. It's not worth it to waste your time and hers on something you're just not into.

  • Take it slow. Don't make any decision under pressure.


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