Dating a single dad? Advice?

So I met a guy online, we had great conversations and decided to meet. We hit it off and talked for hours over 2 drinks and some food. Invited me back to his place (no I didn’t stay) chatted some more than before I left he asked if I wanted to do something the next afternoon/night. I agreed.
The next afternoon we went for a little adventure to a scenic destination and drove for a couple hours chatting, he was open about everything with his seperation, his likes/dislikes and I was open back. We spent the night together &cuddled and got closer. We said we’d see each other later that week on the one of the nights he didn’t have his son. The next morning before I left (he was spending time with his son that day) he bought up again the night he was free and we agreed to see each other. Later that evening I sent a message just letting him know I had a good time with him &I hope he had a great day with his son, he said he had a great time with me too & had a good day with his son. The night before we were planning to see each other I checked in to make sure he was still good to see each other, he said yes. On the afternoon of the day he sent a message he had a big day at work and had a headache and was going to bed, I was fine with this & suggested maybe a beach & fishing day on the weekend if he was free, he wrote back saying def an option but he’ll let me know (to fit in with his father duties). He sent me message the next day saying let’s do it Sunday afternoon, I said sounds good &to let me know what time I should meet him at his place. Sunday morning came and he sent me a message saying he couldn’t do our planned outing, his son (3yr) had been a little off colour lately with everything going on & he needed to spend the afternoon with him as he was his first priority. I wrote back I understand&i agree&expect his son to be his priority. Do I now wait for him to msg? Or message later In the week to suggest we do something? I don’t want him to think I’m not interested


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  • Go on Show your interterest and feelings
    Do Text him if you miss the time spent

    • Thanks, I was thinking this also, I don’t want to be over kill but I do recall a conversation we had were he was worried about dating for 6 months than someone realising they couldn’t handle him being a dad.

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  • If I were you I would sit back and await to hear from him, mainly to see if he really is interested enough in seeing you again.

  • Wait for him to message.

    • My thoughts exactly.

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    • If it's any help, I will say. I love being a step-mom. I loved spending time with her when I was dating her dad. We forged our own unique relationship, and I tell her all the time how proud I am of her. She's really awesome.

      I had met her once or twice before I started dating her dad, so I knew about her and all that. I also knew her mother, but that's a strange story for another day. When I started to know I had very strong feelings for my husband, I just felt totally open to having my step-daughter in my life.

    • That’s lovely, you show her so much love and support. I know it’s not every girls cup of tea, but if I think something is right then I’ll pursue it. I was thinking I’ll wait a couple of days (he has his son for the next 3 nights so I’ll leave them to Their time) then maybe send him a message to see how he is and his son and ask if I can take him out for a mid week unwind? but then I’m also agreeing with your comments of waiting

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