Is it likely she could come back again?

Long story short, I've been in an off and on relationship with this girl for 5 years because she's Mormon and I am an atheist.

But when we last were together a few years ago, she had already decided to go on a mission, but we dated anyway, and we found a way to make things work for us. We were talking about getting married, we even looked and picked out rings and I proposed to her, and she said she'd officially accept when she returned.

Two months into her mission, she broke things off and said she didn't want me in her life because things just wouldn't work. I fought for our relationship twice during her mission, and let things be for the second half of her mission, because I could see she was extremely conflicted.

She is due home, and I wrote her a letter to try and fix everything, saying I still loved her and everything, and so far nothing. I texted her cell, knowing her brother had it while she was gone, he replied days later saying it wasn't hers, and I said I knew it was him and asked about the letter, and he said she got my letter. This is important because that's the only time in 5 years her family ever responded or reached out to me.

Even her mom said before she left to text or call her so she could get to know her future son in law more before my girlfriend returned, and she never answered me.

I'm at a loss, I feel I've done everything, and as far as I can see, she hasn't returned yet, and I haven't heard anything. What do you think about this? And what else can I do?
I've checked, and there is not a single update on her or her family's social media about her, or her returning. I am scared I've lost her.

We broke up years ago because of the religious difference and she said she didn't want me in her life, and in total, between conversations and all, we got back together two years later and built a even stronger relationship, an incredible one vs the last time together. She was conflicted about the church and me during the mission as well.
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  • You're in quite the situation and i feel sorry for you. Wish i could do more than to give you advice, but in the end its going to be you who's going to have to push through this. You know what hurts more than losing someone? It's the fact that they aren't fighting to keep you, and from your post you seem like a man with good morality and reason.

    With the information given i can't really make something up, if it's alright with you what kind of mission did she get into? Are you two very far away from each other?

    I'm an atheist as well and i don't know much about other religions, could it be possible that there are certain traditions (Mormon traditions) that creates the conflict? I mean, it couldn't be possible that you two caan't be together just because of the fact she is a mormon and you're an atheist.

    I feel like she truly fought trying to keep you, but maybe a member of the family of hers stopped her from seeing you? (maybe due to traditions like i said?) She probably have fought for months but got really tired, knowing there's no way out.

    Personally i'd keep trying, meet her in-person if i have to. If this happened to the person i love, i'd do anything. I hope everything goes well, update me anytime if you feel like talking to someone

    • I appreciate it very much. Thanks. With her religion, it's very difficult for marriage because they get married in a members only temple, an I couldn't be allowed to go in. Plus there's like some sort of blessing I couldn't do for her and they believe in an afterlife, and I wouldn't join them as a non member. She went on her church mission for 18 months. But since she lived with her parents before leaving, I'm sure if she lives with them now they would try to keep her from contacting me. They thought I was trying to separate her

    • from the church, but nothing I did could change their minds really. She went to Canada for her mission, and we lived in the United States and we had been in a long distance relationship before she left. But we found ways to make it work. Usually in the past she just gave up and ran away, but even after I tried and refused to convert, she stayed with me and still actively tried to make things work. I feel we still could make it work. But I sent her that letter before her mission ended and I don't know if she has actually one home yet, despite her mission being over

  • l wish my girl would take me back l need to wait and see


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