Is he just spending time with friends or just tired of me?

I don’t understand why he’s not opening my messages, he went on holidays Tuesday night for 3 days. Doesn’t text me or nothing since then. We’ve only been seeing each other about 2 months or so but I expected him to check in because I replied to his messages when I was on holidays.
He even asked me to text him after my surgery to let him know how I was, which was on the day after he left and I don’t know if he got the message or just ignored me.
Granted, some of the messages weren’t saying delivered until yesterday so maybe he didn’t receive some of them but 3 days is over so he’s back and didn’t even open the message still. I’d also like to think the phone works both ways.


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  • Probably something happened? Maybe a relative of his got into an accident, pet died etc. I'm pretty much as clueless as you tbh :Y I'd try to contact him in different ways (maybe through his friends) or call him


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