What would your biggest concern be if you liked a man/woman in a wheelchair?

I'm in a wheelchair myself and I'm wondering what would go through the minds of potentially partners.


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  • My biggest concern if I were to date a guy in a wheelchair is trying to find a way to give him a hug without hurting him. Other than that, there is no issues. It isn't a dealbreaker for me.

    • Oh that's a nice easy one to be fair, a hug certainly wouldn't hurt haha

    • Their tougher than you think! You don't really have to worry about hurting them any more than you would most guys. It can change how you approach doing things, but you just have to relax and have fun and find a rhythm like with any other guy

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  • I won't go with such a women
    But if she gets handicapped in such way, then i may not leave her too.
    Problem would be that she won't tell most of her problems openly to me so as to not make me burdened. And i will be struggling to help her all possible times, i will be too worrying if i leave her alone somewhere sometimes.
    I will be actively working on ways to make her walk again.
    There would be still lot of common problems as i think about it deep.


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  • If something happens, do I have the strength to get you off the ground?

    • That's an interesting one, I'd never considered that would even be a concern

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    • Cheers for that! It's opened my mind to the issue that I hadn't even considered

    • Glad to help 🙂 good luck!

  • I'd wonder if he's insecure about something that I have no idea about.

    • He likely is. It's not easy being in a wheelchair. You have problems people don't even realise.

    • He has to know that she doesn't care and still loves him and there's nothing to worry about.

  • No concerns


What Guys Said 3

  • i would never like a woman in wheelchair

  • Can she fuck? Simple as that.

    • I meant: Sexuality is one major factor in a relationship. To play this down would mean to ignore our nature.

  • Getting you to the toilet


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