He barely initiates. But if I assume he doesn't like me he gets upset?

The person I've been talking to for months behaves so oddly. We're just friends so far but i have a crush on him and i thought it was mutual - now im not sure. We talk a bit nearly everyday - but when he's going to bed hell just say "im tired" so i say okay goodnight. He doesn't see it because he just announces he's tired and then shuts his phone off or whatever. But then he opens my messages eventually when he wakes up and doesn't initiate a conversation again. I reply quickly, so he can wait a minute for me to say goodnight and respond but he doesn't, and when he sees it the next day he doesn't initiate unless i post something on my social media he can respond to.
It feels like we talk on his terms and not mine, like when he wants to talk and i was exhausted he seemed upset that i didn't stay up to talk to him.
When I told him he didn't have to talk to me unless he wanted to, he got angry and said that if he thought i was annoying he wouldve made it obvious.


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  • Why don’t you tell him how you feel about him?


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