If you start dating someone exclusively what’s the best way to handle your matches on dating apps?

I’m new to dating apps and currently have more matches than I can handle but I’m really trying to cut down my focus to one girl. She stood out and things have been going well. I’m trying to stay realistic and remind myself that things can fizzle quickly and it’s not good to put your eggs in one basket but I also detest feeling like a player. In offline life I’d just mitigate expectations by explaining my situation to girls and letting them choose whether or not they wanted to stick around knowing that the most likely best case scenario at the moment would be being just friends. On dating apps however it’s implied that the main intent for talking is a potential relationship. I don’t necessarily feel like it’s inherently wrong to continue talking to them it’s just not something I want to do. I just feel more comfortable not trying to juggle people. So what’s the best way to put a potential relationship on hold or completely end it on a dating app?
  • Unmatch from everyone
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  • Don’t unmatch from anyone and keep talking
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  • Send a message explaining that you’ve met someone then unmatch
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  • Send a message explaining that you’ve met someone but don’t unmatch
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  • Just delete the app
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  • Just ghost everyone but don’t unmatch
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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think you need to unmatch people, but I'd send a message to everyone you have an ongoing conversation with, that you are trying to concentrate on one person who stood out.

    • Would it be best to just send a message out of the blue or wait until they contact me then tell them?

    • I guess it depends whether you want to get completely rid of the app or not. If you're wishing to delete the app, send everyone a message right away. If not, you can wait for them to contact you.

What Guys Said 2

  • "More matches then I can handle" damn dude. I'm over here hanging with the tumbleweeds.

    • They boost your profile when you’re new to the app that and I’m not very picky with who I swipe on. I mean I don’t swipe on everyone but I’m not only swiping on the most attractive girls. Most of my matches are girls I’m not really attracted to but open to at least talking to. Trust me I’m not that attractive lol

  • Cut all ties and move on

    • It’s an option. Is there a reason why you think it’s the best option tho?

    • Sometimes it can be easier mentally to move on like going cold turkey. Depending on the intensity or involvement with others I would say maybe send a quick message to say bye. It's like a plaster just pull it off quick

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