Can I cheat my friend for a girl?

Me and my friend both are fall in love with a cute girl by love at first sight
We both are starring at her but he thought she is starring to him and I thought she is starring me then I get to know that... She is interested in me.

But my friend is madly love with her he is trying to impress her and asking me to help in his relationship... Now u guys decide what should I do
Shall I cheat him or help him...


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  • Well find out which one's better. Pals before gals or Gals before pals. Then you go with the one you're comfortable with. Just try not to hurt anybody too much.

    • I'm not getting anything... One side is friendship and one side love so better should not try both... And let's be singly happy

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    • Cool. Just make sure it's good. Have fun.

    • Thank you babe I will try

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