To the guys, do you message girls on dating sites that don't have pictures?

And what if they messaged you, would you respond?
  • No, I must see a picture.
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  • I might message her otherwise without seeing a picture.
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  • If she messaged me, I'd talk to her, but I'd ask for a picture.
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  • Other.
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What Guys Said 2

  • Well this can be different for every person. Someone who is tight on time meaning they have little time on dating sites but still would like to go on dates probably will avoid this type of profiles.

    Other people that are more open-minded and have more time to enjoy the dating experience will at least start the conversation and lead to her sending them a picture to know her.

    What I have noted about social medias that the more introvert the person is the more hidden it is. Putting something random as profile pics or leaving it blank, they perhaps feel they are ugly or they just prefer to stay anon because of what they say or post.

    Sometimes, and has happen to me. Gay guys or transexuals make this female profiles. They are in their right to do so, but will no show who they really are because want for the person to know them in a personal level before they show themselves. That way they don't get so much rejection.

    But I do, even in places like here. If a female doesn't have a profile picture but I like her content I will message her and if I become interested i will ask to show pictures of ourselves and perhaps become good friends.
    But that me having an open minded mentality.

    Hope that helps ✌️

  • dont use dating app


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