Got blocked after weird fight?

(Dating girl) fast forward, until 2 months ago she broke her knee and now she can't walk and we could not see each other as she lives in another city. So I could only text her and ahe started to Ignore some of my messages. Some days ago she sent a message to me and then we kept talking for 1 hour and a half she was saying that she "liked me as human" when I asked if ahe liked me, said that "we can't have everything in life" and that I should change and "be more mature" and that she was not my wife etc. Then she blocked me.
Then I asked her friend to send a message to her and he said ok, but got no response. now I am wondering what I did, because she always liked me. She asked me to change some stuff about me too. She mentioned something about her uncle, now I don't know if this is some kind of weird test to see if I change or she doens't want to talk to me. I asked if this was forever to her friend but I got no response, and there is no way we could see each other, only next year in school.
She was talking about weird stuff like if I thought that she would marry me I was wrong and that she was not my mother and that I was not her father, she was mentioning kids a lot too, and I could not understand what was going on.
She always lied to me about stuff related to me like that she only liked me as friend because she was always being sexy near me and touching me.
*her friend knows something and doenst want to tell me*
I asked if it was forever but got no response. I think that if she didn't want to talk to me ever again her could have sent a message...


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