How do I become higher status than girls my age?

I learned that girls want to date up. Guys with more experience and can protect them. How do girls expect guys their age to accomplish this? Or do i have to wait until im older to date? It doesn't sound right because i gave friends who date, but girls on here seem to expect guys of higher status.


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  • How old are you? Are you trying to find a girlfriend on here?

    • im 23 and no. I come here to learn how to be what girls want.

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    • I am sure you will find somebody. I think it is better to build a good friendship with somebody first in order for them to know they are somebody you can trust. I can't say for sure what other girls want as it does tend to differ from person to person. For me I know I want somebody with common interests who is friendly, trustworthy and fun to be with. As far as it goes for people who only want to go out with tall alpha males, they seem very superficial and are perhaps not the type of person looking for a serious relationship.

    • I missed on on having experience though. Girls i talk to say i should have casual experience so i can learn how to treat women.

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  • When I was your age I just played to "youthful charm", exhibiting tremendous energy, vigor, partying all night long and then some, flirting with girls in playful and kind of immature ways, arm wrestling, chugging beer, being a total jackass, being so bold as to borderline recklessness... things I probably couldn't do so well now. It's like show the girls what guys my age and older lack.

    • It's like when I was 20 I'd see a girl I'd like, didn't even know her name or who she was, and just pick her up in bridal position and grab her and take her back to my place (in a drinking setting). And that worked out. I don't think I could pull that off now at my age.

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    • I'm just not that type of guyt o just slam teh elevator and advance on a girl that i don't know. I guess i don't have what it takes.

    • Oh, I did know her first. We were friends a while. I wouldn't do that with a complete stranger. That would be amazing if you could even try that, but with a stranger she might call the police. :-D

  • l am an older guy and l only date younger as long as they are legal


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