Should I tell him?

So I’m talking to this new guy everything is perfect... and well it’s been a couple weeks. He’s already falling for me and willing to do anything for me. Had told his mom and people about me. Anyways today he showed me his friends... in a group chat and I noticed one of them because we used to talk and his friend seemed to have liked me at first but we just stopped talking a few weeks ago. We fooled around like kissing and touching and stuff once !! but never had sex we were virgins. Anyways the friend I don’t talk to him anymore we stopped talking and he blocked me on everything. I’m debating on if I should mention that I used to talk to the friend or not.. or keep it to myself but he tells everyone about me.. and I told him not to tell his 2 friends about me because he’ll tell him that we used to talk. What do I do? I didn’t do anything wrong but I feel like he should know? I really like this new guy. And he’s basically in love with me help me!!
I told him he’s okay with it. He said he doesn’t really talk to the guy and won’t really be friends with him. He said that he respects my honesty. Telling him basically made us closer. 😂


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  • Just tell him. You're right, you did nothing wrong. But it's still best to tell him.

  • Tell him


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