Do I call him or stick to my guns and move on?

I've known this guy for 6 years and earlier this year we got closer and fell into a kind of relationship. 8 months later I feel I now want more (or at least to call him my boyfriend). Knowing he's not ready I decided it better that we return to being friends before I got more involved or hurt. But he kept calling and after seeing each other we soon realized we can't do 'just friends'. I found this especially hard so told him to not contact me and avoid seeing each other so I can move on. He said he really likes me but would go along with what I wanted as doesn't want to cause me any pain.

I'm finding this whole time so difficult. I'm trying to move on but can't get him out my head. I even met another guy who's great but I just can't turn off my feelings. It's always been him who calls/texts/emails me and now I've told him to stop it's killing me. I know he'd happily continue with us as it is but I think if you haven't worked it out after 8 months it probably isn't going to happen. I would never try to force our situation or play games to get him to want the same things, but I see other girls doing this and getting their guys. Please give me some advice. Do I call him and give it another go in the hope that things might change? or how do I move on and get over this? I know time's a healer but I need some words of encouragement. Thanks.


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  • Whatever you do, do it so that you don't have regrets.


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