What does he want from me?

I started a new job. I met the only guy there. We're close in age and have a lot in common unlike the other people there. We don't work side by side, but we see each other in passing.

1 day, he was late. I was joking about him being late. He said something exchanging phone numbers in case he's going 2 be late he could let me know. Later that day, he gives me his number on a piece of paper with a winky face and tells me 2 text so he'll have my number. So, I do thinking it would be 1-2 messages & that's it. Nope, he's texting me all night and during most of the day at work. Which things are kept are kept at a friend level.

Later that week, he tells me 2 call him on my way home. I thought it was a little weird, but we try not 2 talk much in work because neither of us wants any drama of people thinking we are involved with each other. As he says, it's hard for him to have friends at work without people getting the wrong idea. He likes having me as a friend.

One day, it's pouring down raining on the way home from work. He calls me to make sure I'm okay & stays on the phone until I get out of all the rain, but tell me 2 text him when I got home so he would know.

Time passes... he asks me to hang out with him after school. Again, I think it's a little weird, but friends can hang out. Well, something came up and we couldn't. Then, he left for a week to go see family the day after. I never texted first because people might actually enjoy spending time with family. He texted me almost every day and said he missed me. Before he came back, he asked me to hang out with him since we didn't get to before he left.

So, we did. The first thing he said is "come give me a hug because now we can hug for longer since we're not at work." He had his arm wrapped around me just about the entire time.

He sends me a good morning text and if I don't respond by a certain time, he's asking if I'm okay. He does go above what I would consider as friends. He does act differently around me.
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