How can I get a hot boyfriend?

  • Confidence
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  • Money
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  • Be yourself
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  • Get a nice car
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  • Be funny
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  • Plastic Surgery
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  • You must have the sucking strength and endurance of a vacuum.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly I had the stereotypical "hot" guy for a while, (we were just fucking but we'd go out heaps" but it wasn't anything special. I found him t be shallow (he showed me how much money he had in his account the first time I met him) and would always talk about himself. He was also so so sure of himself, like he knew he was hot, and he waltzed around like he was everything. He buttercoated everything, acted like he knew everything, but did the opposite of what he preached. In the end he somewhat broke my heart, but more left me just scarred and somewhat scared of sex. Like its one thing to have a friends with benefits but its another to have so much emotional connection and he'd always say things that boyfriends would say!

    I recommend 100% finding someone you're attracted to, but don't worry if they are not other peoples type of "hot" because in the end its how he treats you.

    How to find a boyfriend in general? Go out heaps, be confident in your own skin, flaunt what you have! Im no skinny model looking chick but I try my best to be confident, whether it means straightening my hair or wearing tight black pants to show off my booty, be confident! Also chill in relaxed places with friends, and be social! Try to broaden your friendship group.


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  • Guys don't care about the same things as women. Its all about looks and a little about personality

  • Easy, set him on fire.

  • Troll more.

  • Pay me

  • It's hypocritical to say you want a hot guy, if you're not hot yourself


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