Ladies, would you date a guy in his mid-late 20s who never had a girlfriend?

I've never had a girlfriend before and not thinking about looking for one until a little later in life. I always thought it was best to start dating when I'm older and more mature. When I was a kid, I was a loner. I was shy and timid and didn't have a lot of friends. When I got older and was in high school, I turned very outgoing and confident and became one of the most popular kids in school. But I never thought about dating. I was more focused on sports and my Skyrim character at the time. Another reason why I never dated is because my brother and sister got into very abusive relationships around my current age and it greatly discouraged me. But the biggest reason is because I want to become the person I want to be before I start dating. I want to be more successful, stronger, wiser, smarter, more talented, more consistent, responsible, and be a very well rounded person. I am also trying to find myself. I think I know the majority of what I want in live, but I feel like a big part of me is still a mystery to myself. If you read this far, I'd encourage you to share an honest opinion.
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  • I would prefer it like that honestly... unless he never had a girlfriend because he was just sleeping around

    • I don't sleep around. If I ever have sex, I'd want to do it with someone I true want to commit to, otherwise I don't see the point of it.

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