Is this rude, or is it just me?

I am a senior in high school, just had out homecoming (way to early), and I was single at the dance, but event leading up to the dance was me making jokes on how I'm single and stuff, this sparked the interest of my (now mentally crazy) ex, she had been come Super childish, I'm talking over the top most seniors hate freshmen (which I kinda do) bc of how I'll meture they are but she acts worst the freshmen. Anyways as I was say this sparked her interest I'd make jokes on my snap story on how in single and stuff and she would instantly comment begging me to ask her. I never truly told her on how my childish annoys me, bc I know she won't change. Anyways I figure she's going to try the same tactics around the time of prom, any advice on how to avoid the situation and is it rude for me to tell her next time she ask that she's super annoying and need to grow up and quite acting like a 5th grader.
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  • Why did you break up with her? Lol man she wants you back badly. I can see how it can be annoying. I think even if you told her how you feel that she wouldn't change and would still act the same.

    • Well I broke up with her same year we dated 6th grade, she was really annoying. I had just gotten my 1st smart phone and I'd text her a lot (moved out a little bc of family issues) and like she became difficult. She demanded constant attention. There wasn't a minute that she wouldn't annoy me with text. Even after I asked for some alone time. What really pissed me off is when I was giving her attention and shed tell me there is a boy trying to mess with her and shit. Like I said ight tell him to fuck off or whatever you know. And she was like I did but he won't leave me alone, and I wasn't able to do anything bc I wasn't there, she would always try to put me in fights with other dudes saying "will you fight this boy who's messing with me" or "This boy won't leave me alone, will you beat him up for me" I was in 6th grade. I was a good child never been in a fight, still today, will I beat someone up now probably if I need to. But if its every 5 seconds nah that's to much

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    • Yeah man, she's way to much to handle, and I just found out that she's a selfish compulsive lier, from my friend who does everything for her. I'd tell you more but there's only so many characters I can use while posting

    • Wow that sucks that your friend had to deal with her. She does seem very selfish and a big liar.

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