Long distance relationship between two musicians?

Long story short, there's a guy that i really like but i'm unsure if i should try go for him as we are both musicians in our respective fields. I sing in Australia and he's in a boyband in the UK. While i may be under his management in the UK within the next year or two, i'm just unsure if its the right choice to try go long distance with another musician.
That being said, i've considered the factors of jealousy of him being in a boyband and i don't mind as i know how it is in the industry as i'm in it myself.
Apart from this he is a little older but not majorly.

Thanks for your opinions :)


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  • I think you should trust your instincts and don't let a potential connection slip away by not even giving it a chance. Take things as slow as you're comfortable with, but let him know how you feel about him and see where things go from there. Good luck!

    • Thanks, if all goes well for the next month, ill tell him :)

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  • I'd at least start talking to him and take it step by step from there.

    • Thanks, i think i will :)

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