What is a good Bumble bio for a guy?

I was just talking to a guy who had one of his female friends dress up his Bumble/Tinder bio and I saw his list of matches and it was literally blowing up. 50+ pending matches, like ones that were already in the queue that he hadn't even swiped yet, many of them being very attractive girls. Absolutely crazy.

On the other hand, I do like a more descriptive and serious bio I guess? It tells some basics about what I do and what I like, all which should be positives to women. After all I am not a bum off the street and work hard and make a decent living. So it ought to count for something, but I'm lucky to ever get ANY matches at all. The girls that do like me, I typically swipe left w/o hesitation. This other guy's bio though, was something more jokey and sexual in nature and very short. Where as mine was a little more lengthy, but accurate to who I am as a person.

It's almost as if coming off "too serious" is actually a thing and for some reason is a repellent to women. I don't want to give bad vibes though, but dating is so bass-ackwards today, it really doesn't surprise me anymore. I just want to have more luck with the ladies. It's highly discouraging that I can't even get a cute girl to talk to me, at nearly 30 years old.
What is a good Bumble bio for a guy?
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