What is a good Bumble bio for a guy?

I was just talking to a guy who had one of his female friends dress up his Bumble/Tinder bio and I saw his list of matches and it was literally blowing up. 50+ pending matches, like ones that were already in the queue that he hadn't even swiped yet, many of them being very attractive girls. Absolutely crazy.

On the other hand, I do like a more descriptive and serious bio I guess? It tells some basics about what I do and what I like, all which should be positives to women. After all I am not a bum off the street and work hard and make a decent living. So it ought to count for something, but I'm lucky to ever get ANY matches at all. The girls that do like me, I typically swipe left w/o hesitation. This other guy's bio though, was something more jokey and sexual in nature and very short. Where as mine was a little more lengthy, but accurate to who I am as a person.

It's almost as if coming off "too serious" is actually a thing and for some reason is a repellent to women. I don't want to give bad vibes though, but dating is so bass-ackwards today, it really doesn't surprise me anymore. I just want to have more luck with the ladies. It's highly discouraging that I can't even get a cute girl to talk to me, at nearly 30 years old.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Taking yourself too seriously is boring. We don’t want you to tell us you’re funny. Show us!

    • I never claimed to be funny in my bios. It looks more like a resume but with my interests and hobbies on display. It's just to get a general idea. Why are women so easily "bored?" Like you don't even know a guy based on his bio, nor are you ever going to get a good idea, so why are men being held to such a standard?

    • I know you might not have claimed that but I’m just using that as an example. FYI most girls want a man that can make them laugh anyway. If you’re a robot then you’re gonna have a bad time with females.

What Guys Said 2

  • Never bothered with online dating but if I did, I would have gone for a very humorous profile. My rationale is that people can write all kinds of glowing stuff about themselves, and it may or may not be accurate. But you can't fake humor. If your profile is very funny, then it does at least show with a reasonable degree of accuracy that you have a sense of humor. There's actually something reliably being communicated about your personality there if it's funny.

    • That's actually a really excellent point. Thanks for that.

    • Cheers. I have kind of mixed thoughts about online dating. Maybe cause I generally lived in very urban areas with a boatload of women, I didn't really see the point of it when I could just step outside my door and meet someone. But I figure the humorous profile could be effective cause the serious parts can kind of be exchanged over the date. If you can communicate (without actually merely describing yourself) that you're fun and humorous and maybe almost don't give a shit if you get a match or not, then I think it communicates some level of confidence and charm and fun of a kind that could make it easier for some girl to give you a chance.

    • That'd kind of be what I'd look for too if I was looking through online profiles of girls. I'd find it more interesting to see what they communicate at the "meta" level based on how they write their profile, not so much how they describe themselves.

  • Bios on Bumble don’t mean anything, they either find you attractive or they don’t.


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