Why do many women project that they want a relationship when they clearly aren't ready?

I would like nothing more than to meet a girl that is fun, beautiful, and chill in all the right ways. Some girls are so attention starved, dramatic, entitled, high strung, or some combination of these, it's actually pretty sickening. Not to mention they lack values and healthy morals.

A lot of women these days and the relationships they find themselves in are literal train wrecks. They come across as immature, needy, over-sensitive, love starved, little "princesses" that want everything their way. Then they somehow feel they're entitled to a rich guy or something. Where are all the well put-together girls? You know what I'm talking about? Girls that aren't needy, craving sex and attention 24/7. Girls that are respectable and aren't whining about 500 things, acting like spoiled brats, etc? A girl you can just kick it with and chat about nothing and even when nothing is going on, she's still content with being around you and accepting of who you are. Girls that are attractive AND good people.

It's like these days, you go out and meet women, and they want you to cater to their every need, while they do nothing to even show their interest, if they even have any for you at all, and they just want to be entertained, attention, or free drinks, or whatever, and when they're bored (which they are bored very easily mind you), they just bounce for the next poor soul that has to put up with their snotty attitude and demeanor.

It's a very fine line, it can be hard to spot at times. But a real man knows a classy woman when he sees and meets one. Where are these girls? I've recently heard of things like the MGTOW movement and such, and honestly I think this is a big reason why its happening. Good girls these days are near impossible to find, not even joking. Especially when you're just one guy in a world of many that are competing for an ideal woman. The gratification they receive is so skewed in comparison to what men get in return. I wish more women would consider that.


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  • You talk down about girls but this post clearly shows you’re the one that is a needy train wreck. Your attitude towards women is sickening, you need to be alone until you learn how to even be a little considerate. This post is nothing but a bunch of complaining but yet you say girls complain. It seems you like to make a bunch of demands for a girl. What if her demand is for you to shut up and stop whining like a bitch. You will never get a girl with your attitude.

    • According to this post, You want a girl to except who you are and be content with who you are but you’re not willing to except her. She needs to be a certain way for you. Wow, unbelievable. Yes please remain single, something is clearly wrong with you. Good luck to the girls you end up with. You are more than a train wreck, your a nervous breakdown to a girl. Please stay away from them.

    • Wait, why are you even mad? It's not like I called you out specifically but hey, thanks for hurling a bunch of personal insults my way. lol

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