Would you refuse to give someone your fb account if you have talked to them online for 1.5 years?

So I have been chatting with this guy for over 1.5 years, but he keep on refusing to give me his fb account, I didn't ask him to add me as a friend but just to look to make sure he is real, but yet he still refuse. Is there something fishy there?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • There's definitely fishy... it's common that girls don't easily give out their account details so as to avoid creep. But if a bit is avoiding it even after chatting for 1.5 years, either he is fake or he looks pretty ugly..

    • He has taken live pictures of himself and video, but just refuse to give me his fb account

    • Else he doesn't wants his other friends on FB to know about you..

Most Helpful Girl

  • It really depends on the context of your situation. But this particular one the way you described it does give off an odd impression. Are you guys planning to spend more time together in person? I know I’d rather meet someone authentically and get to know them naturally before sharing a Facebook account - I want to get to know them in person, not by looking through his fab history of ex girlfs etc. I think you should ask him (in a diplomatic non-confrontational way) why he doesn’t want to share it.

    • Well he said he was gonna meet me last year in October, then he pushed it to September this year and now he is saying 2019. I wanted him to meet me first before sharing fb page if that's what he wants, but he keep pushing the date makes me suspicious. I asked him that before and he said he had been scammed by girls before. But I have talked to him for over 1.5 years now I tell him everything but yet he still won't show me

    • Yeah, he’s either going to have to man up and do it or you should cut it off. Just be careful that’s it’s nit a catfish or older man reeling you in too.

    • *not

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  • Hell Yeah!! Something is fishy. Let me tell you I have talk to guys online for a short period of time ( days ) I ask for there password and user email. They give it right away because they trust me or they really like me? Who knows. He might be talking to other girls as he talks to you. My advice is to not fall for this guy. It's better when you meet someone in person. We're you can see him face to face. That why if you want to check his cellphone he can give it to you.

  • He is either a catfish or hiding something.


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