Is there any hope for someone who has social anxiety/is shy in the dating game?

So I never met the love of my life at college or uni as I was just extremely shy and socially anxious.

Now I've left those places its harder to meet guys.

People in general really stress me out, talking stresses me out. Are there any chill guys that don't mind not talking and having just a quiet date?

Is the internet the only place to meet guys when you've left school?


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  • When you are attractive, none of this matters. In fact, a shy pretty girl is going to be more popular with guys, because she will be less intimidating to approach.

    Be happy you are a girl. As a guy, you have to put yourself in social situations, and be active.

    As a girl, you can go to a bar or club, stand in a corner and look pretty. Thats already enough to get approached.

    "Are there any chill guys that don't mind not talking and having just a quiet date?".
    Its boring and awkward. I wouldn't even consider that a date. When im with a girl, i want things to happen between us.
    But then again, if you are pretty, none of this matters.


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  • The internet actually has advantages. Meeting people from the privacy of your own home, no awkward public situations (other than the restaurant or other place where you do ultimately meet).

    And take heart, countless guys are in your same situation. I should know; I was one of them.

  • I'm the same and if you don't fight aganist your anxiety I don't really think that "movie like" encounter will happen...
    At least in my opinion and experience...

    For me internet worked only one time but she was a mess and I had to leave her

  • Volunteer at some church or social setting and you will meet plenty of people you can help and meet at the same time


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