Please help, im so stupid?

Hey I accidentally got really mad at this guy I'm seeing and I know he got mad at me for being mad at him. Now I accidentally deleted his Snapchat because I got furious (I'm not proud) so now I can't talk to him again... I have found his Facebook and I'm considering messaging him there saying I'm sorry and that I understand if he won't talk to me but that I really regret getting so angry. Is it acceptable to do this? Or will I seem like a stalker? I have his facebook because he had his full name on snapchat. I don't remember his username on snapchat, so adding him again on there isn't an option.
Should I wait a few hours to let him cool off or should I do it straight away?


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  • "I accidentally got really mad at this guy" Really? Accidentally? Can you please explain?

    " I accidentally deleted his Snapchat because I got furious." Doesn't really sound like an accident.

    Maybe he is mad because you say things you don't mean. Why should he want to talk to you again?

    • I said i accidentally got mad at him because it makes no sense why I got so mad. That's why I'm stupid. I don't know why I phrased it like that, maybe because I'm so ashamed :(

      And the reason I wrote accidentally deleted his Snapchat is because it actually was an accident. I looked at his Snapchat profile because I was really mad and so I accidentally pressed delete instead of block. If you block someone you can unblock them like half an hour later, which is what I meant to do...

      That's the whole reason I'm asking this here! I'm really stupid and insecure (which I know is no excuse but it is an explanation) and so I get so mad. It all actually came from me crying all day.

      I don't know why he should want to talk to me. You're right.

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    • No it's definitely something we could work on. Or something that I should work on. It's completely my own fault

    • At the very least, give him a few days to cool off. You may not get a second chance. Learn a lesson from this experience!

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  • let him cool off a bit than send him a message saying you're sorry and you regret getting mad over xx and it was a stupid mistake.
    something like this will do but obviously add something more.

    • Okay thank you. Im so stupid sometimes and Im so sorry because I really like him 🙈

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    • Maybe. We've only gone out for a few weeks but it's because I get really insecure sometimes and he had ignored my messages for two days. I read his reply to my outburst quickly before deleting him and he told me that he really did care about me and that there were reasons that he hadn't answered... I didn't get to read the reasons. But I could tell he was mad at me.

    • if he truly cares about you he'll understand it.

  • You need a shrink

  • if you really want him back straight out.

    • I really do...

      Can I message him on Facebook without seeming like a crazy stalker? And should i wait

    • I'd say yes you can. make is short Like I'm sorry i made a mistake. or something like that. than see if he writes you back

  • wait few hours-

    • Okay thank you. Could I message him on Facebook?

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