Girls, We hit it off. Unbelievable Chemistry. I could have taken her home that night. Now she's hit me "I'm not looking to date anyone right now"?

Look she has come out of a relationship. She didn't say too much about it. But judging from the little bits, reading between the lines, she clearly liked the dude. We had fun. Bought shots. Made out for 3 like hours like teenagers. Went to another bar afterwards. Got kicked out. Tried to get into a Restaurant at 3am. Got turned away 😂. Then we settled for Macdonalds and sat on the streets talking shit, eating burgers and nuggets and making out some more like kids.

It was fun. Took silly photos. Stupid Selfies. Then I got into an Uber with her. Took her to her doorstep, kissed her goodnight, took her number and went home. I could slept with her that night, but I really wanted to see her again. I couldn't risk anything that would make feel that's all I saw in her. She was different. And I could see she liked me too. She was funny, smart, sophisticated, didn't taker herself too seriously. But she was definitely no pushover. She she was cool. We even had a mini argument and then laughed about being our 1st fight. We connected. Then after texting for a while and making plans to meet up again. She eventually went cold and stopped replying. For a few days actually. I decided 1 last shot and opened up a little about how I didn't wanna scare her away but I thought she was lovely and would like to see her again.

She. Eventually replied. When I had lost hope. 4 days later. And she said all the usual. How sweet etc blah blah. But. She wasn't looking to date anyone atm. I said that's cool. It was nice of her to be honest. She hit me with a thanks for understanding, but I'd like us to stay in touch. 🙂.

So the question ladies. Is this a line you use to get guys off your back? Or she's just dealing with some shit? I dunno. Is there a way I play this? Or I just walkway and move on?

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  • I think stick around for some more time. She's just out of a relationship. What you wrote is so damn cute. I envy you guys. You shouldn't just let her go.

    • Thanks! I don't want to. Dating can be difficult. And sometimes it's hard to see if someone is just being polite or they're not ready. I hope it works out

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