She chose to cheat on her boyfriend with me. Should I be okay with this?

Hello everyone,

recently a good friend of mine who has been there for me during my all time low and all time high from the many experiences I have encountered while her friend, chose to cheat on her boyfriend with me.

She told me all the bad things going on in her current relationship and how this guy was stressing her out and he didn't know how to give her space, how to give her real affection and that he wasn't meeting her wants/needs. She couldn't be a woman around him, she felt like she was with a child who rambles on and doesn't understand her.

I know for a fact this is her way of saying, "I'm in distress, I'm not happy with him, save me."

Knowing how the world works and how people's minds work, the person who is mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically strong will always be favored over the one who is not strong in these areas. If someone is insecure with themselves then it will be expressed to those around them and to the person they are dating.

In all honesty, I did choose to be that man, "in the moment," and gave her what she wasn't being given because her current man was not making her happy at all. It only made sense to show her that she shouldn't be with him and that someone else can do what he can't for her.

Perhaps it was immoral of me to allow for this to happen, I could have not gone through with it, but I did because she deserved better than what her current situation is.

What do you all feel about this situation?

Let me know in the comments (:

Thanks everyone!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn’t be okay with that because they could cheat again they cheated with you just to get you. I wouldn’t accept it


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, it's not OK. You should have encouraged her to leave him if she is that unhappy. Instead, you added to her problems.


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  • If she did it to him, she will do it to you.


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