Why would the guy I'm seeing delete me from Facebook?

So there's this guy who I've been in an on and off thing with for the past three years. He will randomly pop up when he wants to see me. He's also been in other relationships during that time. He currently lives with his ex and 4-5 other people. Last week, we were together and we were talking about all of our feelings for each other and how we were going to actually work things out this time. He said he would get ahold of me soon through Facebook (he doesn't have a phone.)

So I see that I lost a friend from my friends list a couple of nights ago. I check his page and he was the one who unfriended me! No explanation or anything. I messaged him asking why he deleted me and of course no response. He's on messenger and I have a feeling he has the messages set to "ignore" me. He hasn't opened it. He's been liking one of our mutual friend's stuff since then so I know he's been active.

I'm thinking of just telling him off and blocking him since he always treats me so inconsistently and I'm just done with it and want to finally move on with my life. I now realize he keeps coming in and out of my life whenever he pleases because I'm allowing it.

What should I do?


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  • Sounds like whatever you had with him was dysfunctional from the beginning because he is. You're better off without him, and you should just move on.

    • I will agree that he has a very dysfunctional life. I do want to move on but would it be a good idea to message him what I think and then block him? I’m just tired of letting things slide and I don’t want to let this slide.

    • Yeah, you should let him know.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Don't waste your time. He's been in other relationship and lives with an ex. I think you've wasted enough time with him.

    • Oh I’m not planning on continuing with him. Would it be a good idea to just message him telling him off then blocking him? I’ve let this happen for too long without saying a thing.

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    • No the circle is white while the check mark is blue. If it was read, his picture would come up. But yeah I was meaning he probably muted my messages. “Ignore” may have been a bad word for it. He’s not worth it after some thinking.

    • I was trying to remember too lol. I would block him if you felt like you should.

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