How does one flirt? (Mutual crush)?

SO I've liked this guy for about, 9 months in a row, 10 months in total. Overlapping my previous relationship (which ended 8 months ago and had only lasted 3 months because I had no idea what I was doing and I lost interest for obvious reasons).
Now this guy isn't especially flirty, he's flirted about maybe twice with me, one of them I'm sure was unintentional, the other he was slightly tipsy. He's quiet, and normally pretty involved in whatever he's doing at the time. We don't have much in common, which means our conversations are normally pretty random, (eg. How when robots take over the planet, we will all be reduced to communism) and there was always a sense of shyness. The feelings and butterflies were pretty intense for a while, still are at times.

Eventually, my drunk ass decided to ask my friend to call him, because I didn't have the ovaries to ask myself. Turns out, he likes me back! And he didn't know I did too (because I'm really good at pretending i dont care about people). Yay. Now what? I've had a total of 2 conversations with him over text since (he's not a texter so I'm lucky I even got a reply) and they were both pretty awkward because we both don't know what we're doing. Fast forward to back to school! He still likes me, because that friend i mentioned previously has fucking bugged him to tell him everything even tho they don't know each other. I wanted to talk to him, I really did, but when I saw him for the first time in over 2 months, my eyes widened like an anime character, I freaked, and fucking, sprinted. Its been two days, we have not exchanged a single word, and I'm avoiding him like the plague because I have the courage of an armadillo. The last exchange we had, was a quick "Hi, Bye" I got from him, before he sprinted to math class.

Now to the question, how do two absurdly shy, awkward people, come together, have an actual conversation, and perhaps flirt? (Quick note, I have no idea how to, and I am very bad at expressing affection.)


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