So there this girl I had in my class last year in the fall semester?

We still see each other around around school sometimes and sometimes i run into her at work we would have a short convo. When i talk to her her face just lights up like i want to talk to her but I don't know. Also she does give me a hug almost everytime. When the first day of the fall semester started she also called my name from a distance which normally girls dont do that right? I think she nice and i wanna give her a shot. Anytips for next time i see her? (Like asking for her number) also does it seem like she might be in to me a bit?

Lmaoo fun fact we went to the same highschool and i never knew till a year later.
  • Yeah man give it a try next time
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  • Nah your probably over thinking it
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  • I don't think to ask for her number could end up too badly, at worst she says no and you remain, friends, at best she says yes and it could become something more. Just take the chance and live your life! Good luck, let me know how it goes if you decide to do it!


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