What should I do for a date?

So I'm in hs and I've never been successful when it comes to the whole girls thing, I've asked two girls out before and they've both said no, every girl I've talked to I end up not liking. But now I've found a girl I really like, and I think she likes me. I was competing with this other guy for her but he just told me this morning that he was gonna back off because I would be better with her.

My friends told me that I need to ask her out asap, but I have no idea when/what to do cause I can't really mess this one up too (I'm friends with her brother). The only day I have open is next Saturday, although I am going to her 'pool party' birthday this Saturday. Help, I really need it


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  • You could take her roller skating, ice skating, bowling, miniature golf, or some place where there's dancing. Don't go to the movies, because you'll both get wrapped up in the movie, and not focusing on each other.

    • thoughts on hiking? She doesn't really like to eat so getting lunch wouldn't be a good option

    • If she's into hiking, then sure, but if she doesn't have the right boots (the sign of a hiker), she might not have a fun time.

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