What should I do about this rock star guy?

To make it short, I’ve met this guy/hung out on many occasions backstage. Pretty sure he’s single. He’s in a well-known band from the 90s. So I tried asking him out months ago, and he didn’t shut me down. He seemed to have gotten nervous and got a little shy and soft spoken. He told me he was leaving the next day to go home and was just going back to his room to sleep.

It’s months later and I just saw him. He came out to see his friend from his dressing room, saw me, didn’t say hi, put his arm around me immediately and squeezed me close to him. (He’s never been physical like this with me.) He hugged me twice after that and we spoke for a bit. I didn’t want to freak him out and ask him out again in case he’s totally uninterested.

I plan on seeing his band again in a couple months. I feel like I make him nervous because I’m young and attractive. And he’s much older and starting to show his age. What should I do? Should I try again? And how can I not make him nervous?


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  • If you just want a casual date or relationship, go for it. If you want something long term and meaningful, I’d take some time and figure out what you want. Consider just how often he’d be away and on the road. As well as how good you are with trust and jealousy- especially if he’s famous.

    • I really like him and I work in the business so I’m completely fine with the territory. I just really want him to feel the same way.

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    • I am in the industry so I guess that helps. I ended up asking him out. He said yes and took my number. And nothing came out of it. Did you end up dating the singer?

    • Sorry for the super late reply, haven’t logged in here in ages.
      That’s great he said yes and took your number, though sorry to hear nothing came out of it.
      And no, I never dated the singer, he values his freedom too much or maybe I’m just the wrong person for him.

      I guess the only thing to do is see who is really meant for you down the line. Good luck!

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