How and when should I text the guy I like for his birthday?

My guy friend who I really like's birthday is in a couple of days, but I won't be able to see him because we're both on break from college and we live in different states (I won't see him until we go back to college next month).

We are pretty good friends but I'm not sure if he's picked up on the fact that I like him yet... I've dropped a couple of hints but I'm still not quite sure that he gets it. And I have NO IDEA how he feels about me, because he can be kind of quiet and shy.

So basically, I was planning on texting him at midnight since we are pretty good friends, but lately I've been thinking that that could possibly come off as weird or creepy... Guys, what would you think if a girl texted you happy birthday at midnight?

Also, I'm debating between just saying "Happy birthday!" so that I don't seem too clingy, or asking him how his break is going and stuff like that so that we can keep a conversation going as well. Which do you think I should do?

I mostly want advice from guys here because I want to know what you guys would want and what would you think, but girls' advice is welcome as well!


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  • text him in advance..the call him at 12:00AM for his birthday..that's what my female friend did for the first greeting from a call =)


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  • I'm not a guy(sorry for that) but I have experience. I don't think you should text him at midnight because they would come of as weird. If you like him you should text him during the day and say something like: Hey! I hope you have a great birthday! Luv ya! See ya soon! If you you say love ya that will show you are interested in him. I did that to my guy friend and we got together(: Goodluck!