Why did this guy I'm dating tell someone that we been together for 3 years when asked, when we are really not together?

We will walk hand and hand places
Him, why would I pick a temporary lover


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  • Either he needs to over state what he is doing, to build his ego, or he was trying to run a guy off, who he saw as a possible suitor for you. Who did he lie to? Under what circumstances? if it was nobody who could be a challenger, than I'd be concerned about this guy. That's a red flag. Seriously inflating the relationship when speaking to others. It actually inflates his ego, his standing, to say it's been 3 years.

    • So it was just an ego boust, I don't get why?

    • Asker: The "why" can only be answered by him, and there is a good chance, he doesn't really know why. He has some internal need, feeling of insecurity of inferiority, or whatever, that makes him feel that he needs to make up stories that make him look better that what he believes he is.

  • lol this is typical situation.. what was his intention i dont know either..

    • What do you mean typical situation?

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    • Why would I pick a temporary lover

    • Well then u ar smart.. I will pick permanent too.. In fact I am looking for a girlfriend aka wife nowadays...

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