Help. What do I say?

I asked out of one of my crushes back in my freshman year of high school when I really shouldn't have I was no way able to date or do anything in that bothered her and as we progressed through high school things got really strange like she felt like I had lied to her and started treating me differently like I felt like she was pretending to like me stock me around the school anytime I tried to fix things she wouldn't let me and it's been a few years since we graduated high school but I reached out to her last year trying to apologize and I'm not sure she ever got the message I'm not even sure she ever read it cuz I deleted my Instagram or at least the one I use the message her she had no idea who messaged her but I had a issue with a girl i recently dated and we brought up breaking up and we broke up and I'm Bree message the girl from my freshman year of high school cuz she was my first love even though we never actually dated or did anything just asking how she was and she actually responded to me but she's asking who I am I mean my Instagram profiles not very obvious and I've no idea what to tell her


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  • Just tell her it’s you. You could give her a little reminder of how you know each other like a class you had together in high school


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