Blocked on Facebook and then unblocked after awhile. Should I add her back?

So what happened was that at my old job I worked at a couple of months ago. I was a camp leader and coach for a recreation department. During summer camp, I went to summer camp the second week and met everyone and one coworker who was cute. So over the next couple of weeks me and the cute coworker become friends. Due to the fact I was 19 and she was 16, coworkers were fine with it. But they weren't fine and felt awkward about it behind my back. So me and the coworker become closer and hang out twice outside work. The first time and second time were just me and her hanging out. The second time though I bought her some gifts as a surprise since she is a friend and she doesn't receive many gift from people. So I give it to her the second time we hung out. Only problem was I picked her up from work and our coworkers saw. In the end, I got in trouble and had to talk to hr and our superintendent. After I tell the superintendent and hr about what she told me our boss said which was that he told her to date me. the manger gets mad and yells at me and talks to her. That day she blocks me. After a couple of months she now unblocked me.
Part of me wants to talk to her again since I do miss her. I also have another gift that I have to give her since I can't give it to anyone else. What should I do?
Sorry for the rant.


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