Should I care that it seems I’ve permanently lost interest in long term relationships?

I’m 30 and just piecing my life back together after my last relationship that sent me on a downward spin for 3 years. I got cheated on and it basically destroyed me as we were living together and thought things would go far. Right now I keep to myself don’t really socialize often and my interest in having a woman in my life is non existent. Sure I have natural urges to have sex but the thought of women just using me and eventually crushing my heart again just doesn’t seem worth it. To be honest I don’t even want kids anymore and the thought of having to trust a woman with anything makes me cringe. In today’s age it’s too easy to find some shiny new toy for women and guys are always throwing themselves at women with a complete disregard for their well being. I just don’t see the point in dating anymore when women want to be able to fuck any dude they are attracted to with no concern for you. Is there way more of an advantage to remaining single since you don’t have to worry about girls sabotaging your life?


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  • I like being single. It's hard to give it up, especially when you enjoy it. I think that it's best you stay single, especially after you've been hurt so much.

    Honestly, I could say the same about men, but I know not all of them are jerks. I mean, look at you, you seem like such a nice guy with good morals - so, good guys really do exist, & girls who have been cheated on also exist, they share your grief. Trust me, it happens to both genders.

    For now, you need time so that you know exactly what you want going into a relationship in future. Keep your options open; the right person will remain loyal to you.

    She may have cheated on you, but she lost a loyal partner who deserves better than her; it's really just her loss & your gain. Better she did it while in a relationship & not during marriage.

    Go after your passions, focus on your self-growth. Remember that people don't want to be a part of your life if it's dull. Make it exciting & love it.

    I wish you all the best! :)


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  • Just learn to live on your own, and remain single indefinitely until the day you die. And since you don't want kids anymore, welcome to the club bro! There's even less point or "importance" to seek a relationship or date anybody anymore, once you decided that being a parent just isn't for you. So should you care anymore? I'd say why bother? You don't have to anymore if you really don't want to anymore. Ask my bros here @Unit1? @decentguy What do you guys think?

    • Lets just get this straight to him: Nothing in life is warranted. You do what you do. If things happen, then they will. If not, then it either was not meant to be or it was not possible to happen.

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  • We can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t care about. If you don’t care, then good for you.

  • what you described is just your experience andyou shouldn't let bad experiences run your life or to give the opportunity to people that are actually good
    women you described - I know many men that act same way, so its not a gender thing
    as you may consider ysf a good person, there are also women like that
    sure, with bad experiences its okay to be more caotius cause noone wants to get hurt
    but saying you dont want love is just lying to ysf
    but also if you are really hurt, its okay for a while to take time for ysf to heal


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